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Alien Labor Certification for H-2B Visas

Since 1988, Antioch Associates USA Inc. has been providing services to assist employers in the filing process for H-2B seasonal visas. The H-2B visa is a non skilled work visa granted to businesses in the hospitality industry as well as many other seasonal establishments that have a need for a temporary/seasonal work force. Employers may be expected to provide documentation showing that their need for seasonal labor is traditionally tied to a season of the year by an event or pattern of a recurring nature. Seasonal need varies from one state or geographic area to another.

Mission Objectives

bulletProvide employment opportunities in the United States to upgrade the standard of living with economically disadvantaged foreigners
bullet Coordinate hospitality teams for New England employers
bullet Create cultural enrichment and diversity

Participating Countries
bulletRecruiting in Jamaica since 1988.
bullet Recruiting in Nepal since 1999 (Tibetan refugees and Nepalese citizens).


Antioch Associates USA Inc. is not a law firm, nor do we offer legal guidance. Owners and staff are not attorneys. We specialize in administrative document processing for certain routine employment based non-immigrant visas only. Antioch Associates USA Inc. does not attempt to represent foreign nationals or their employers in any manner. The contents of this website are for information purposes only. Information herein has been collected and summarized from a variety of immigration related sources and should not be conceived as legal advice or direction. The original sources of this information are readily available to the general public.

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