Frequently Asked Questions


What is an H-2B visa?

The H-2B visa establishes a means for U.S. non-agricultural employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers, to employ temporary nonimmigrant foreign workers. H-2B eligibility requires that the job and the employer's need for the foreign worker be of a temporary nature, such as seasonal employment, and for a duration of no more than 9 full months. Antioch Associates assists employers who file H-2B visas for temporary/seasonal labor that is traditionally tied to a season of the year by an event or pattern of a recurring nature. Multiple openings of the same job and rate of pay may be on the same application.

Will you process other visas for my company besides the H-2B Visa?

No, Antioch Associates assists employers with the filing of H-2B visas only.

What countries do you have contacts to recruit workers from?

Antioch Associates works primarily with licensed agents located in Jamaica. If the employer knows foreign workers from other countries Antioch Associates will still prepare the proper documents for H-2B visas for an employer as long as those employees are from countries approved by USCIS.

What positions/job titles are available?

There are hundreds of job titles eligible for H-2B visas in multiple industries. We predominantly process workers for the Hospitality Industry (Resorts, Restaurants, Culinary, etc.) Landscaping and Retail establishments.

What is a "prevailing wage"?

The prevailing wage is defined as the average hourly wage paid to similarly employed workers in the requested job title in the area of intended employment. The Federal Department of Labor determines this hourly wage. When filing for Alien Labor employers may offer a rate higher than the prevailing wage for specific job titles but not less than the prevailing wage, if the employer intends to receive certification from the DOL.

Do you provide workers for agricultural positions?

No, that requires an H-2A visa, which we do not process.

Do you provide workers for childcare positions?

No, Antioch Associates cannot provide au pairs or nannies. We suggest you contact an au pair agency.

What are your fees?

For fee inquires, please contact us directly.

Will you locate housing for the workers?

Employers themselves must provide or assist the foreign employee with locating fair housing for their H-2B staff.

Will the employers be approved, by D.O.L., for Alien Labor if they need part time workers?

No. Full-time employment is considered an average of 37 hours per week.